Rental Application


Print and bring to appointment, or email to, along with $35 application fee to process it through the credit bureau.

Sublease Forms:


If you are a current tenant and seeking a person to sublease from you, they must fill out an online application, along with paying a $35 formfee to process it through the credit bureau, then it must be approved by Goran Rentals.

The Are Two Contracts To Sign:

1. Lessee Party Contract (Current Tenant)

2. Subletting Contract (Prospective Tenant)

Each contract has two pages to be printed, filled out and signed. Make sure to designate who has the deposit to be refunded and where it is should be sent to at end of lease term. You may mail, email or drop off the forms and application fee in our Rental White Mail Box attached to the house by the garage.


Lesse Party Contract:

Subletting Party Contract: